eCube and Connect FREE Seminar Series | Modernization for OpenVMS

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Donna Ernst vrijdag 09 juni 2017 08:21

FREE SEMINAR SERIES ~ Modernization of OpenVMS

Connect and eCube Systems are working together to provide a series of free seminars on the modernization of OpenVMS!

eCube will present the first in a series of modernization seminars for OpenVMS focused on three areas:

•    Agile Development with Eclipse on OpenVMS

•    DevOps on OpenVMS with an Application Performance Management GUI

•    Modernization with platform independent Agile middleware for 3GL applications

Session 1: Introduction to Eclipse Integrated Agile Development Environment: Benefits and features of developing and maintaining OpenVMS applications in the NXTware Remote IDE.

In this seminar, participants will learn how to use each of these agile development tools for Continuous Delivery and will receive a 60-day evaluation copy of each software package if they attend.

Covered in the demonstration will be examples showing how to:

•    Use NXTware Remote plugins for OpenVMS developer tools to maintain JAVA, C, COBOL, FORTRAN, PASCAL and BASIC application with modern interactive development tools

•    Integrate third party tools into your environment to increase developer productivity such as HP Quality Center, Jenkins, DBeaver, Mylyn and Maven

•    Use NXTera tools like the IDL compiler to generate server connectors for BASIC, C, COBOL, FORTRAN, Java and on OpenVMS, compile and test with a client, rpcdebug

Session 2: Show the process for Deploying, Managing and orchestrating complex applications with NXTmonitor DevOps tools.

In this seminar, participants will learn how to use NXTmonitor and learn from demonstrations how to:

•    Starting NXTmonitor agents on servers that will be running your agile applications.

•    Building a configuration for the application with the NXTmonitor GUI which can start and scale up applications based on business needs.

•    Use NXTmonitor dependencies, timers, actions, health scripts and performance groups to add intelligence to your configuration.

•    Use NXTmonitor to capture the Development or QA environment into a configuration file with export and import configuration on deployment machines.


If you are interested, CLICK HERE. We will respond with potential dates once we have collected enough interested students.

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